Painting and a Proposal

I created this blog in 2008. I never thought it’d take me 10 years to write my first post. Buuuut what better way to kick things off than with my proposal?! I’ve had an amazingly complicated, incredibly blessing of a decade to reminisce on later, but first, let’s keep it real time — I’m engaged to my best friend!

“Galaxy at Pine Lake” was the art theme for Paint Nite. All of our first time! My sisters and cousins have been planning to have a GNO for a few weeks. But little did I know it was thee perfect surprise set-up for Phil. (Can’t wait to share more about him!)

As I was trying to blend my paint colors on my canvas, I hear our song (DJ Sammy’s “Heaven” Candlelit Remix — this cover is legit) start to play next on the instructor’s little portable amp. First I thought, “the instructor has great taste in music” or “it’s so random for our song to be playing right now”. I immediately texted Phillip: “OMG our song is playing”. I had no clue. Totally clueless. Trust me, I wouldn’t have taken out my contact lenses and had my hair up to tap into my artist vibes.)

He didn’t want me to suspect anything and catch me off guard, which he totally did. Mission accomplished, Phil. It’s a big deal for me, especially because I’m a “master planner” and “routine queen”, he knew it had to be random. So, you did good. Respect. Lol

Proposal at Paint Nite? Kinda random. But I kinda love it! Might’ve been the first ever in Paint Nite history. But it’s so awesome to have a painting(s) that will always be a tangible reminder of this special moment.